Our Mission

Franklin County Pride is a volunteer-run, community organization that works toward inclusivity, equality, and raising awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in Franklin County. We achieve this through activities that directly support the needs of LGBTQIA+ people in Franklin County, including an annual Franklin County Pride March & Rally that fosters a sense of community among LGBTQIA+ residents, amplifies our voices, celebrates our differences, and raises awareness about issues impacting our communities — particularly LGBTQIA+ youth, seniors, people of color, indigenous people, trans people, and undocumented people — and their families.

A pink triangle with heart and equality symbol

core values

Franklin County Pride believes the following principles represent the diverse culture and values of our organization. The decision-making process for the Committee and the actions of all our volunteers and community partners must be in alignment with these values:

1. Respect, Open Communication, Transparency & Community Input. Franklin County Pride fosters respectful, open communication, and dialogue between committee members, board members, volunteers, and the general community. Franklin County Pride recognizes the importance of treating everyone with respect in all types of communication. We appreciate and solicit feedback from the general community to improve and strengthen our events.

2. A Local-centered Philosophy. Franklin County Pride is rooted in our communities and puts local first. We elevate local people, groups, and causes. We cherish support and sponsorships from local businesses and we strive to keep dollars in our own communities.

3. Direct Support of LGBTQIA+ Needs. The Franklin County Pride Annual Event highlights issues that impact LGBTQIA+ residents in Franklin County and seeks to increase the visibility of the least visible of our community. We recognize that our true liberation is intrinsically linked with the liberation of the most marginalized among us. Through our FC Pride Grants Program [to be launched in the Fall of 2018], we provide small grants to LGBTQIA+ groups throughout Franklin County that embody the Core Values of FC Pride.

4. Diversity at all levels & Broad-Based Participation. We draw strength from our diverse experiences and identities. Franklin County Pride is committed to diversity within the organization’s membership, leadership, volunteers, and supporters with respect to age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, economic status and geographic location. FC Pride actively seeks broad-based participation from Franklin County residents and groups to participate in the Annual Event, volunteer, or serve on FC Pride Committees.

5. Inclusion for All Ages & Abilities. Franklin County Pride values the experiences and voices of all ages, especially elders and youth, and we strive to make our events family-friendly and accessible for all. We aim for inclusion for those with physical mobility challenges, and audio and visual impairment. We aim to provide sign language interpreters at our Annual Event, ensure wheelchair-accessibility, and provide large-print programs.

6. Dismantling racism. FC Pride actively works to dismantle racism within our own organization and in the community-at-large. We actively amplify and support issues that affect LGBTQIA+ people of color and indigenous communities in Franklin County.

7. Financial accessibility for participation. Franklin County Pride is all-volunteer-run group. The Franklin County Pride Annual Event is open to all at no cost. There is a suggested donation of $0-$50 for groups to attend the event, which supports the event costs and helps to grow our FC PRIDE Community Grants Program. All are invited regardless of ability to donate.

8. Development of Leadership. FC Pride fosters a diverse, multi-generational cohort of LGBTQIA+ leaders and organizers. We encourage volunteers to pursue leadership opportunities (including such positions as board member or committee chairs) and we provide guidance as needed.

9. Physical & Emotional Safety. Franklin County Pride is committed to making our events safe for all participants. We partner with local law and safety officials to ensure all safety considerations are addressed at our March and Rally.

10. Environmental Stewardship & Socially-Responsible Procurement. Franklin County Pride is committed to making our events as ecologically sustainable and as socially-responsible as possible. We seek to minimize and eventually eliminate waste at all our events, and we actively encourage and promote recycling and composting. We consider the social and environmental impact of our procurement practices, and seek to support the purchase and sale of products that support human health and livelihoods.